The Georgia Resource Center
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"State sets execution for inmate judged mentally disabled."

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on Resource Center client Warren Lee Hill, who was found to be mentally retarded by a preponderance of the evidence by Chattahoochee Circuit Chief Judge John Allen in 2002, but who still faces execution on July 18, 2012, because Georgia is the only state which requires persons with mental retardation to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt in order to be exempt from capital punishment under the state and federal constitutions.

Resource Center funding is threatened in 2012.

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution details funding shortfalls which threaten the Resource Center's ability to carry out its mission of representing indigent death-sentenced Georgia prisoners.

Marcus Ray Johnson execution halted

On October 4, 2011, attorneys for the Georgia Resource Center successfully halted the execution of Marcus Ray Johnson, which had been scheduled for the next day, in order to carry out DNA testing on biological evidence still in existence from the 1994 case.